Bleed with Dignity Artivism Campaign

DASTAK Foundation is pleased to inform you that we are officially launching an ARTIVISM Campaign under the theme of #bleedwithdignityfloodrelief to raise funds for our Dignity Kits and Maa Kits to support menstruating individuals and pregnant women in the floods impacted areas. We have been joined by some of the most amazing illustrators/artists from Pakistan and abroad to support this very important cause. We are grateful for your trust!

Whose artwork you can purchase from the gallery?
Maryam Akram (@kashmirichaiandbooks), Ameer Ali (@ameerzahirali), Wasfa Kamal (@throughwasfa), Sabeen Yameen (@sabeenyameen), Fatimah Nadeem (@fatimah.creates), Shehzil Malik (@shehzilm), Hira Ata (@hira_at_work), Nida Zulfiqar (@nidazulf) Umair Najeeb (@umairnajeebkhan) and Rawaz Hammas (@rawazhammas). 

How to order?
DM or email ( with your name, address and payment receipt to DASTAK Foundation’s account (last image)
1- We will launch the series/reel of artworks (created by different artists) from our platforms jointly on 23rd September, 2022.

2- The #bleedwithdignityfloodrelief Artivism gallery would be up till 10th October, 2022. You can DM or email at to confirm your order.
3- The payment confirmation to DASTAK Foundation’s account would be needed to confirm your order.
4- Your artwork will be dispatched to you on 15th October, 2022. 

Note: if you want to join the Artivism Campaign (as an artist), please create an artwork under the theme of #bleedwithdignityfloodrelief and tag us. Your artwork will be included in the second round of fundraising during November! We can build this movement, together!! Shall we? Let’s ensure that 8 million menstruating individuals bleed with dignity amid this crisis.